May: Features Only
June: Traditional Cable
Aug: WWA Nationals

The National Points Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship


Private Team Time at OWC

OWC does an amazing job making the cable available for private rentals during off hours of the event. No other park opens earlier or stays open later to accommodate the teams coming in for the Wakepark Championships. Parks are allowed to book only one time slot for their park at this time. Please get together with your group and book a slot for the team and then split the fee up amongst the families. The cost is very reasonable, only $300 per hour. Please again only book one slot, if slots are still open the week prior to the event we will then allow teams to book multiple spots. So to clarify the first spot is for the team, parents you can NOT also book a private hour for your child at this time. A week before the event is pots are still open then you may book whatever you like!


Thanks again to OWC for opening so many slots and working the long hours this week!!!! Be kind to your operators :)