June: Features Only
July: Traditional Cable
Fall: Final Event

The National Poits Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country.


Contest Info



2016 OWC Layout

This is what OWC looks like today, the video is from last year but will give you an idea on the shape of the cable and tower placement.

Off the Dock
Left: Unit XL Kicker
Right: Unit XL Kicker
Left: OWC picnic Table
Right: Unit Nico Signature Feature

Left: Unit Rooftop Transfer
Right: OWC Nesse signature feature
Right: Pool Gap
Left: TBD

2015 OWC from blake hess on Vimeo.

Private Team Time at OWC

OWC does an amazing job making the cable available for private rentals during off hours of the event. No other park opens earlier or stays open later to accommodate the teams coming in for the Wakepark Championships. Parks are allowed to book only one time slot for their park at this time. Please get together with your group and book a slot for the team and then split the fee up amongst the families. The cost is very reasonable, only $300 per hour. Please again only book one slot, if slots are still open the week prior to the event we will then allow teams to book multiple spots. So to clarify the first spot is for the team, parents you can NOT also book a private hour for your child at this time. A week before the event is pots are still open then you may book whatever you like!


Thanks again to OWC for opening so many slots and working the long hours this week!!!! Be kind to your operators :)

2016 Series Beginning

This week many parks across the country begin their National Points Chase series. Check back soon for scores from local parks. This is the only way to qualify for the Nautique WWA Wakepark National Championships presented by Rockstar if you are an Amateur rider. Get with your park soon if they are not registered with the WWA to host a qualifying series. There is still time left to sign up. All series must finish by mid June to give qualified riders time to make travel plans to OWC Aug 4-7 for the Championship event!



2016 National Points Chase Series to Merge With the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships Presented by Rockstar

LAKE ALFRED, Fla. February 16, 2016 – The National Points Chase and Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships have joined forces to become the world’s largest wake park event in 2016, as champions are crowned by the WWA in both the individual and team categories. The 2016 Nautique Wake Park National Championships presented by Rockstar will be held at the Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) August 4-7.

The most compelling features of the two events will be combined to create a true national wake park competition for athletes across the United States. In order to compete at this event, riders will need to earn a spot at their local home park qualifier. Similar to years past, the top five riders from each division at each park will earn a spot to compete for a national title. Pro divisions will allow for athletes to qualify through their local wake park or in a pre-qualifying round held at the championship event. For 2016, all riders must qualify in order to be eligible for a title.

Last year, over 35 parks hosted qualifying series’. This year it is expected to increase to around 50 locations, providing more qualifying opportunities for riders throughout the U.S. The series’ hosted by the parks will not only qualify individual riders, but also a team to represent their respective park at the championship event. Full-size parks will be allowed to host both series’ while two tower parks are limited to the features only series.

OWC will be defending both team titles on their home site and will be the early favorites to repeat as champions in 2016. They became the first team to win both of the team titles for traditional and features just last year. “OWC will be tough to beat, they have such a great crew of riders and the support they give each other shows on the water,” said Tom Fooshee, who has led Texas Ski Ranch to three team titles. “I know there are many teams around the country that are just as hungry to win a team title this year.”

Professional athletes will have the opportunity to compete for the largest prize purse in the history of the event. The Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships will once again be a scheduled stop on the WWA Wake Park World Series This year amateur riders will earn a better seed by competing here at the national level, however, it will become a qualifying event in the future for riders wanting to compete in the WWA Wake Park World Championships.

More information about the WWA Points Chase will be available to the public soon. For those interested in competing, visit 
www.PointsChase.com and review which parks hosted events last season. If you are interested in your local park hosting an event, contact them about hosting a weekly series for a chance to qualify for the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships.

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ABOUT THE NATIONAL POINTS CHASE: Founded in 2010, The National Points Chase was created to give young wakeboarder’s and wakeskater’s the opportunity to not only better their skills, but also compete against their peers in a fun environment. Two weekly series (Traditional & Features Only) are hosted at cable wake parks across the United States. The final event of the season, the National Points Championship is the largest cable wakeboard event in the United States. For more information visit: 

ABOUT THE WWA: The World Wakeboard Association is the global leader in wake sports sanctioning. The WWA owns and operates the WWA Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, WWA Wakeboard National Championships, WWA Wake Park National Championships, WWA Wakeboard World Championships, WWA Wake Park World Championships, WWA Wake Park Triple Crown, WWA Pro Card and WWA Rider Experience. With 27 affiliate countries worldwide, the WWA is a rider-formed organization dedicated to promoting and growing wake sports worldwide. It is the primary source for riders, event organizers and competitive standards. For more information on the WWA and its events, check out 

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